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National Trust: Creating stand-alone assets on Giphy to support editorial content

What now?

The National Trust are a national institution in which we trust. Generations have done so for some time. Recent figures suggest memberships are at an all time high and spanning generations, meaning even snowflakes like to see old properties covered in snowflakes.

One of the things the National Trust has done well for some years now is social media and it has long been doing content right. For me, the children’s collectible poster and magazine was a hotly anticipated mail drop before I even knew what Direct Mail was.

Now the National Trust are getting into the animated sticker game on Giphy. It shows that their visual assets need not be stuck at stunning photography of landmarks and locations. The sticker set includes a membership card, the 2019 handbook and with half an eye on integrating into other content channels, a ‘swipe up’ animation.

Expect to see the stickers - hosted on the National Trust Giphy channel - deployed in organic Instagram Stories in the coming weeks and I am sure they will be hoping that the general public - members or otherwise - will start to adopt them in their channels as part of a visit experience also.

Where next?

The National Trust has a wealth of property assets which lend themselves to visual media and visitors are encouraged to capture as part of compelling user generated content opportunities. By enriching this photography with stickers and adapting Stories on Instagram and Snapchat, they have a chance to reach out further and on the terms and in the animated visual language of those that inhabit those platforms.

It would be great to see them take their Stories content further and bring them to life with a wider range of supporting sticker animations, including making sticker sets a mandatory element of any influencer take-overs, sharing their visit experience and incorporating these animated branded elements to enhance brand exposure and consumer resonance.

As for Giphy as a platform itself, beyond hosting, it is yet to find its place beyond that space of being a well-indexed and searchable moving image library and with conjecture suggesting it gets down-graded in Google search, it offers little inherent SEO benefit but as a means to enhance a content experience, it certainly offers that much.

Client: National Trust

In-house: National Trust


B2B marketing trends in 2019 - Metia

One for the B2B fans out there…Metia have released this useful piece of curated research and forecasting that outlines their view of the business to business opportunity and challenge on social media in the year ahead. The content load time statistics are quite curious, given that you need load time and attention to be arrested on the referring property itself and if Facebook’s 3-seconds or bust scare-mongering is to be believed, you’ve likely lost someone before they even get the chance to try out your load time on that whitepaper you get there.

“Load time is killing B2B marketing ROI. 4+secs load time = 73.56% of clicks fail to make the destination.”

Bands F.C.Bands F.C.

If you like music, football and design, check out famous bands and their football kit designs as created by Bands F.C. Its visually compelling, clever and curious and now spinning off into a great merchandise opportunity. With over 400 designs of badges and full kits, the collection has found itself in exhibition spaces around the UK and pub conversations with sportswear purists and indie band snobs alike.

The idea is a simple one, that came to us one evening back in July. Bands as Football Teams, Football Teams as Bands.

Spotify will let now brands sponsor its Discover Weekly weekly playlist  - Techcrunch

Spotify is introducing additional ad formats in the year ahead and first up is the opportunity to pay good media money on pairing your brand with their Discover Weekly playlists. Discover Weekly playlists are the algorithmic jewel in the crown of Spotify’s service and so offering the opportunity to serve up (relevant) ad inventory to listeners makes complete sense.

“Personalisation has quickly gone from a nice-to-have to an expected consumer experience that delights audiences and marketers are craving opportunities to be part of it” Danielle Lee, Global Head of Partner Solutions at Spotify


QA Scoring Checklist for B2B Content by Radix Communications

In their words: “Getting very serious about content quality at @radixcom - our new internal QA review criteria starting today.”

Radix Communications

Also consider: Energy.Gov


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